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    How to choose a skiing novice
    If you are determined to do together skiing , then purchase their ski kit is very reasonable. Here, of course , much depends on the financial possibilities . And , except for material costs , you will get one more problem - have to carry equipment with you. But the positive aspects from his own outfit so much more.

    By purchasing your own skis, you will be able to learn on the outfit that is perfect for you and to progress in skating much faster. You do not have to adjust to a different model, if the one you did hire the last time , will not be. You will not rub the corn harvest and rolling shoes, will not stumble , it is not suitable for height and weight , with a blunt edged skis ... Opportunities Ukrainian rentals are limited, and pick up a set , with matching characteristics and in perfect condition is not always possible.

    Learn to " just anything " is not worth it - you can earn a distaste for alpine skiing and unnecessary injuries. You can not go too far in any direction " coolest " of professional skiing , which is practically guaranteed a novice trauma or set aside "20 Year Old ", which can be " go ", but to learn to ride and have fun problematic.

    What to buy and how much a beginner to spend?

    First of all, I want to warn the beginning of a widespread misconception that " for a beginner to buy the cheapest model." Spend the maximum that you can afford - the higher the technological class skiing , the more comfortable will be trained , the faster you will be able to enjoy the ride.

    But do not forget that in their characteristics skiing for beginners different from skiing for athletes and serious amateurs , so it is not worth spending $ 400 on a professional model if you're only going to learn. All well-known companies produced models specifically designed for beginners and progressing skiers. Their characteristics are specially arranged so that it is easier to learn, " forgive ", and even to some extent , neutralized errors , riding on them does not require perfect technique.

    Usually, professional models are more expensive , but prices vary greatly depending on the materials used and new technologies, so that the cost of the most " advanced" skis for students close to simple professional models (and sometimes more ) .

    If the issue is not about money, but really want to stand out , you still should not just buy a sports car - you will surely stand out with plaster on the limbs. Select a new , high-tech model for beginners most prestigious firms, for example , Elan or Pale - spending a lot of money , you will definitely become a major focus on the slopes.

    The minimum amount for which you can buy a new set of satisfactory (but not last season ) equipment for beginners is in the range of 400-450 dollars. Skiing $ 150-180 , securing up to $ 100 , boots $ 150-170 .

    If you are in good shape , it is advisable to purchase a model of a more serious level than those that are recommended for beginners. In this case, the equipment will take longer to meet your growing capabilities and do not have to quickly change to a more upscale.

    Look through magazines, catalogs , look for something that suits you best. Consult with sellers in the store.

    горнолыжные туры в Италию

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