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    Haircut - change the length of the hair with the help of cutting tools (scissors, razor ) .
    And yet here it is necessary to take into account many factors : the type and condition of hair, their length , the nature of the previous hairstyles, face shape, hair color and even make-up. Sometimes hairdresser shearing takes into account not only the makeup, but also a lifestyle of his client , and sometimes her character . Equally important is the mood of a woman. This is important not so much for the haircut , but for stacking. After all, on the basis of a quality made haircut can make several kinds of packings , creating a different image, which depends not only on the motive, character, situation, but also the mood .
    Now , when the fashion individualism professionals under good haircut imply creative hairstyle : mo ¬ del not only matched , but individually " communicated " to the client. Preference is given with a free, live , flying models.
    All the variety of styles available can be grouped into the following areas:
    Minimalism - it's clear concise form, clean, beautiful lines , lush , strong Hair color harmony emphasizes precise geometric shapes haircuts.
    Romantic femininity with soft lines haircuts , no geometric stiffness , all smooth and slightly careless . It feels as if the paint and styling is not in sight , and the curls and locks created with a perm and framing the face - the result of only one nature.
    Constructivism differs clear graphic quality lines unjoinable in color and length of hair. The top layer of hair covers the geometric contour of the lower locks , locked out of a common form of hair before it does not violate its internal harmony.
    Conservative- business style , simple and elegant . Hair necessarily straight or naturally curly . Haircuts are carried out very carefully , the length of the hair carefully selected individually .
    Youth style - used machinery unconnected strands. Tousled hair , sticking out in all directions , like a needle . Be sure to create a sense of vitality hair . This is achieved by using a special technique : a ragged haircut and a lot of different styling tools .
    In modern haircuts are no strict framework , and the master has the ability to play some detail , length, and to create a form that is ideally suited to this woman . The main thing that a woman from a good hairdresser each time to leave a changed , revitalized and refreshed .

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