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    Карта Печор

    2016 [53 Mpx]

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    18.Января.2016, 11:00
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    Подробная карта города Печоры (Псковская область)


    Древний небольшой город Печоры расположен на западе Псковской области, вплотную к российско-эстонской границе. Расстояние до Пскова составляет 52-55 километра. Население городка составляет около 12000 человек.

    Такое имя города происходит от старорусского слова «печеры», что означает – пещеры, дата открытия которых монахами в монастырской летописи упоминается в 1392 году. А местечко Печоры, точнее – пещерная Успенская церковь образовалась в 1473 году, когда была прорублена пещера, и, следовательно, основан Свято-Успенский Псково-Печерский монастырь.

    Сегодня пещеры - большой некрополь. На протяжении веков, оставаясь нетронутыми,  упокоились здесь более десяти тысяч человек.
    Считается, что открытие этих пещер состоялась в 1392 году, но официальная дата, когда он был основан Псково-Печерский Успенский монастырь, заявилена в 1473 году. Было в это время освящение храма Успения, который вырыли прямо в песчаном холме у ручья Каменца преподобным Ионой. В мире его звали Иоанном, и он был cвященником в церкви Св. Георгия в Юрьеве (Тарту)
    Дополнительно можно воспользоваться новым онлайн-сервисом по картам городов - onlinemap.org.

    Pskov-Pechora monastery has not been completed when the wife of John Mary terminally ill. She became the first postrizhenitsey taking vows with the name Vass . After her death and burial , the coffin with the body of an extraordinary way he found himself on the surface. The miracle happens again and again at the burial . John took it as a sign from above.

    + основной материал: Топографическая карта Печорского района 1982 г.

    Since then act wonderful grace in the caves of the Pskov- Caves Monastery . For centuries, the coffins are not buried in the ground , and put on top of each other, and buried the body remain incorrupt . Among the people buried in the monastery - the genera Pushkin , Kutuzov, Pleshcheeva , Nazimova , Mussorgsky .
    On the death of his wife John took monastic way with the name Jonah . As Nun Vassa Jonah canonized saints of the Pskov- Caves .
    By Jonah began to come to ascetics . One of them, Fr Misael , built a temple on the mountain , and his cell . But after a few years the monastery was attacked Livonians . Wooden buildings were burnt , property looted. When it began to vandalize sacrilege of the Assumption Church of the monastery , which was released from the altar of the fire drove them from the monastery . Meanwhile Izborsk of Russian squad arrived in time , completed the destruction of enemies .
    After the attack Livonians Pechora were in distress : raids , though less daring , continued. Foreign invaders more than once tried to wipe off the face of the earth abode , as seen in it, first of all , a stronghold of Orthodoxy and the Russian military stronghold .

    The heyday of the monastery

    Only half a century later , when Dorofea abbot , the monastery flourished and rose again : in the 20 years of the 16th century has been updated and expanded Church of the Assumption , built a chapel in the name of Anthony and Theodosius of the Kiev Caves . Were erected and other temples and buildings.
    Construction was led by Sovereign clerk , who had authority authorized representative of Grand Prince of Moscow in Pskov, Munekhin , who led the work on a large scale . For services under the dispensation of the monastery he was the first lay buried in the cave monastery .
    In 1521 , the monastery gained the miraculous icon of Our Lady of the Assumption " in the Life " ( with scenes from his life .) This image was painted painter Alexei Small commissioned sales people Pskov Basil and Theodore ( Feodor later became a monk named Theophilus died in the monastery ) .
    During this period, the monastery moved down the mountain to the valley Kamenetz , cells were placed against the Church of the Dormition .
    By the end of the 20s the 16th century, under priest Gerasimov, streamline internal life of the monastery : the abbot was coenobitic charter modeled on the Kiev- Pechersk , established the rank of a church service on the tradition of ancient monasteries , ruling that the services were held daily in the Assumption Cathedral . And today piously kept in Pechora ancient traditions , observing strict coenobitic charter .
    This flourishing monastery associated with the name of its abbot Venerable. Cornelius. In the course of the 40-year reign, he lifted up his abode in all respects. Thus, in the Pskov- Caves Monastery worked workshops, conducted Third Pskov Chronicle, have been accumulated rich collection of books and icons.
    For his zeal for the glory of the monastery and to the good of their neighbors, for constant and untiring zeal with which the Abbot Cornelius committed work of God, he suffered a lot of detractors and angered the Emperor Ivan the Terrible .In an ancient manuscript kept in the library of Trinity- Sergius Lavra, it is written that when the abbot of the monastery , Cornelius came to meet the goal with a cross emperor , the king , in advance angry at him, Silverside his hand to his head , but he immediately repented and lifting body it has suffered at the hands of a monastery ...

    Pechora fortress

    In the early 16th century Pechora become an important strategic point on the western borders of the Russian state. In 1565 , the monastery was surrounded by walls with watchtowers 9 and was called Pechora fortress. But the cross-border provision of the monastery remained dangerous.In the summer of 1581 one hundred thousandth of the Polish- Lithuanian army of King Stefan Batory moved to Pskov . Those in Pechersk fortress guard troops intercepted the enemy troops , convoys of weapons , marching to the besieged city.November 5 enemy troops opened fire from the guns of Pechora and smashed the wall near the Annunciation Church . Here immediately rushed the enemy squad .

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    + основной материал: Карта Печор
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