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    Ярославль. Церковь Илии Пророка

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    Yaroslavl . Church of Elijah the Prophet
    Церковь Ильи Пророка в Ярославле

         Yaroslavl is one of the most beautiful churches - the Church of Elijah the Prophet - was built in the years 1647-1650 . Donated funds to build a very rich Yaroslavl merchants Skripins , the temple was built in the courtyard of their hardware , the site of two wooden churches - St Elias and Intercession . Skripin really paid much attention to the construction of a new church , and for good reason: the Church of Elijah the Prophet received a true masterpiece . Moreover - when at the end of the XVIII century Yaroslavl was rebuilt on a new regular plan , this is the highest and everywhere prominent temple became the central point of a radial-ring system of Yaroslavl quarter.
        This church is not only one of the most beautiful , but also the second largest in the entire Yaroslavl : more than just her Church of St. John the Baptist in Tolchkovo . The composition of the temple unusual - asymmetrical, with a tent and a special chapel bell tower , with two thrones of different size in honor of Elijah the Prophet and the Protection of the Mother of God. Basil's chapel - a very large , with two apses ( a rarity for the side chapels ), served warm "winter " church.
        The main quadrangle of the temple - a tall, massive , crowned with five chapters on light drums. Extraordinarily well its external decoration : drums decorated arkaturno- columnar zone and surrounded by rows of corbel arches , large zakomary ( now, alas , cut a new hipped roof) is crowned bushel ... But the main thing - is, of course , interior painting , made ​​by famous masters of Kostroma Gury Nikitin and Power Savin . Unique frescoes of the temple dedicated to Saint Elias is not a scientific monograph and numerous articles . And ordinary visitor of the temple, not privy to details of the iconography , simply astounded their beauty , brilliance and richness of colors. In addition to paintings , preserved in the temple carved iconostasis in the Moscow baroque style , the end of the XVII century, and the unique ancient icons made specifically for Skripins court sculptor Fyodor Zubov.
         On both sides of the temple was surrounded by a two-tiered covered gallery , which was originally opened . The gallery on the north and west are richly decorated porch on creeping arches. In the north- west corner of the temple stands a tall belfry . It is surrounded by a circle of ringing arched openings with keeled closes , and the tent are cut two rows of holes , " rumors ."
        The most remarkable part of the temple , giving him such an unusual appearance - Rizpolozhensky chapel tent . He is somewhat younger than the rest of the building - its built specifically for the storage of valuable gift of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Joseph, with the permission of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich brought the brothers Skripin unique relic - a particle of the Lord's robe . This gift was given Skripin in honor of the completion of the temple, and in token of goodwill Patriarch. Of course, for the storage of such shrines could only build a separate chapel , where the beauty is not inferior to the temple itself , and perhaps even surpassing it.
        A tall, slender tent Rizpolozhenskii chapel put on a massive rectangular base and a small octagon , surrounded by rows of corbel arches - " fire " the completion of the octagon . Tent itself - an eight-sided , his face adorned with an "interception ", which makes it an openwork silhouette and even easier and more and tall .
        Merchants Skripin not only decorated the temple , they have taken care of that here was their home church and the family tomb . As they had a chapel in the north aisle of the gallery, in the name of Guria , Samon and Aviv. On remembrance " were given their souls and the souls of his parents in an eternal memorial in Yaroslavl floor seven shops yes 13 large houses ." Unfortunately , the brothers have left no heirs, and after she died the widow of Boniface Skripin , Iulita Makarovna , the church became a parish , with the advent of very small ...
        By the end of XIX century building began to fall into disrepair , the roof has decayed , and the temple could not be maintained , if not pay attention to it Yaroslavl entrepreneur and philanthropist Ivan Aleksandrovich Vakhromeeva which has allocated funds for its restoration. The temple is completely updated and unique frescoes covered with a layer of soot and dust had cleared , and when clearing found that paint their little faded !
         Temple upset , in fact, a rebirth. But alas - it did not last long . After the revolution , fortunately, it is still recognized as an architectural monument and donated to the museum by taking away with almost everything of value , utensils , and the ark of the Lord with a particle of the Robe . All of this was transferred to Yaroslavl Historical Museum , on balance it was delive

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