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    Outlet - магазин, в котором производитель продает со скидкой остатки предыдущих коллекций сезона. И, на полках магазинов могут не только те вещи, которые даже не на продажу нашли покупателя, но и те, в магазине по каким-то причинам нет времени, чтобы туда добраться. Обычно выделяют два типа стоковый магазин. Первая - небольшая деревня с парой-тройкой улиц и сотни магазинов. Второй - обычный монобрендовых элементов (той же марки).

    Outlet - shop in which the manufacturer sells discounted remnants of previous collections of the season. And, on store shelves may not only those things that are not even on sale found a buyer, but also those in the store for whatever reason do not have time to get there. Usually are two types of stock shop. The first - a small village with a couple-three streets and hundreds of shops. The second - the usual single-brand items (the same brand).

    Top of the world Outlets
    Horizon Plaza, Hong Kong

    Horizon Plaza, Hong Kong , Asia Photo : Thinkstock / fotobank.ru
    At the entrance of the 28 -storey skyscraper in the south of Hong Kong you will be given a floor plan in advance and take the necessary Consider your route. Here are selling everything - from the world's leading apparel brands, to antiques and children's toys. If you are interested in items from the collections of famous fashion houses - you are on the 21st floor of the Joyce Warehouse. This is a multi-brand outlet stores of the same name , where you can find unique favors from Dries van Noten, Comme des Garcons, Yohji Yamamoto, Marni, Vivienne Westwood and Jimmy Choo. Clean, bright, comfortable: things neatly hung , price tags clearly demonstrate benefit from the purchase : next to the new price list is the original price .

    Serravalle Designer Outlet, Italy

    Serravalle Designer Outlet, Italy, Europe Photo : Serravalle Designer Outlet
    The road to this shopping mecca known fashionistas around the world. In Seravelle - a small village in the middle of the road from Milan to Genoa, Italian is the main outlet . Generally , in the country have collected more than two dozen , but Serravalle Designer Outlet ( owned global network of boutiques McArthurGlen) - one of the best. Here are a high mark, and the most popular mass- marketovye and sports brands (over 150 stores ): Guess, Versace, DKNY, Trussardi, D & G, Burberry, Hugo Boss, Nike ... Best purchase - shoes Marni, ankle boots from Fratelli Rossetti, jeans Trussardi.

    Outlet City Metzingen, Germany

    Outlet City Metzingen, Germany , Europe Photo : Metaphox / Flickr.com
    This outlet was opened in Europe, one of the first in the 70 -ies of the last century. It all started with store discounts from Hugo Boss, which sews costumes at the factory , located nearby. A little later in the Outlet open drains Bally, Escada, Burrbery, Marc O'Polo, Joop!, Esprit, Puma , etc. The pioneer of the genre Hugo Boss still attracts shopaholics male - where else can you buy a great suit for 150-250 euros!

    Freeport Designer Outlet, Portugal

    Freeport Designer Outlet, Portugal, Europe Photo : Freeport Designer Outlet
    Located in the city Alkosheti (Alcochete), near Lisbon . The second largest in Europe after Metzingen Outlet (Versace, Fornarina, Burberry, Hugo Boss, Pierre Cardin, Zegna Outlet Store, Carolina Herrera , etc.). Come here for the opening - to 10.00 . After two hours of exciting shopping without crowding and queues can afford to lunch at one of the outdoor cafes ! Shopping start by exploring the shops of Spanish designers : in Purificacion Garcia look good costumes at a significant discount to the Adolfo Dominguez - trench coats and coats ( for 100-150 euros). Following this offers shops - GLOBE ( irreplaceable pencil skirt for just 15-20 euros ), Carolina Herrera ( owners of slender figures await dresses from 40 euros) , followed by Versace, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss ...

    La Roca Village, Spain

    Outlet La Roca Village, Barcelona, ​​Spain, Europe Photo : La Roca Village
    Located in Barcelona, ​​this outlet is owned European network Chic Outlet Shopping Village, which in addition to it is still 8 " villages" Runoff of Commerce, near Berlin , Munich and Milan. All year round the world's leading brands offer here their brilliant collection of previous seasons, with discounts up to 60% ( and sometimes more). Need to come here for the Spanish clothing brand Adolfo Dominguez, Bimba & Lola, Armand Basi, Disigual. Here you can find great favors at a price of 10 euros. In Bimba & Lola looking tops of cotton and silk, pleated skirts, amazing color of warm milk and a crazy costume jewelry that will cause envy of all her friends , without exception. And on the shelves Armand Basi certainly find luxury cotton shirts for just 30 euros. And do not forget to look into the French shops - Marithe + Francois Girbaud and Comptoir des Cotonniers.

    Designerwarehouse Sale, UK

    Designerwarehouse Sale, London, Un

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