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    [Б]егония Коралловая

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    Coral Begonia (Begonia x corallina) refers to the number of upright species of begonias . On leaves coral begonias are white or silver specks , and the underside of leaves in summer becomes reddish . Since begonias do not like direct sunlight , it may well be recommended for cultivation in the north, east, or west side of the room.

    Generally , begonia coral - this luxurious decoration for the home. It is not necessary to put on the window sill, which is especially impressive because it looks plant in flower pots standing on low supports. Begonia flowers coral collected in the beautiful blossoms , so the plants were then placed on a place where it will be clearly seen. Coral begonia looks good next to the other members of this genus - is hlorofitum green and Schefflera tree .

    Most of the upright species of begonias native to Central and South America. Homeland coral begonias - is Brazil .

    Begonia coral - care and cultivation

    Growth . Coral begonia for several years can reach 90 cm in height. It is distinguished by rapid growth and arranged in pairs on slender stems of leaves. In good conditions, coral begonia reaches 30-50 cm in width. Coral Begonia - is a perennial.

    Care . In the summer of coral begonia needs regular watering and fertilizing , is not allowed to complete drying of the soil in the pot.

    In ideal conditions, coral begonias need heat and high humidity, as often as possible misting the air around it with water, but do not let water droplets on the leaves. Lack of irrigation and dry air lead to the drying up of the tips of the leaves.
    As often as possible to remove the dried flowers of the plant to encourage the development of new begonia .
    If the stems become too long, then cut them and use them as cuttings .

    Absolutely all begonias can be defeat spider mites and thrips . In case of defeat begonias these dangerous pests use the appropriate systemic insecticide .

    Begonia coral - it's quite simple to care for the plant , provided that it grows in water-permeable soil. Regularly pinch out the tops of coral growth begonias , to encourage the plant to the tillering and the formation of side shoots . If necessary, repot in the spring of begonia in full of nutritious and permeable underground tank.

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