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    Псковушко, город на Великой (г. Псков 2010)

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    Подробнее об Архитектуре города Пскова>>

    At the beginning of the 14th century all residential houses were moved from the Krom and the Dovmont wall onto the territory of the former Posad, protected by the wall of the Mayor Boris of 1309.
    As a result of the city centre replanning, public buildings replaced residential houses and the entire redistribution of the allotments took place.
    The Krom became the place where the so-called "klety" - warehouses belonging to the boyar families were concentrated. They kept the grain and chothes, the armour and horse gear there. "Sudnaya Gramota" (Pskov Legislation Code) had an article stating that encroachment on the boyar's property was punished by death.
    A chief shrine of Pskov - St. Trinity Cathedral - is situated in Pskov. In 1365 -1367 a prominent Pskovian architect Kirill had been erecting a new seven dome cathedral to replace the destroyed church of the 12th century. This is a bewildering and scenic ensemble, giving us a deep feeling of energy and harmony, of a powerful striving upwards, towards the sky, is known to us only by a few survived pictures. The usage of an unusual system of the raised belly-bend arches was a new technique in architecture. Bold constructional ideas helped the architect to create a real masterpiece in stone. The famous researcher of ancient Russian culture, N. N. Voronin, considered the cathedral, built by the architect Kirill, "to be a starting point of the development of Russian national architecture".
    The parlour of St. Trinity Cathedral was the meeting place of the male townspeople. The Veche treasury and chancery were also placed here.
    The Veche square itself was removed to the southern wall of St. Trinity Cathedral where the Veche podium, called "Tribuna", was placed. Since 1337 the ensemble of the square had been developing through the Krom spreading and building of the horseshoe shaped wall known under the name of "Persi" (Chest). This gorgeous construction, stretching upwards for 20 meters from the bottom of a moat in the promontory called "Greblya", was built in stone in 1421-1424 and was rebuilt many times and was finally completed in 1463-1466. The "Persi" wall combined two towers with the so-called "Zakhabs" of the Great or Dark Gates and the Smerdi (for people of low origin) Gates and a tentroof belltower with the Veche Bell and the Summon Bell. It completed the ensemble of the main street of the ancient Pskov - Velikaya Street. A chief citadel of Pskov was fortified with five towers.

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