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    Происходит от сущ. кузнец, далее из русск.-церк.-слав. коузньць (др.-греч. χαλκεύς), от др.-русск., церк.-слав. коузнь ж. (σκεῦος), далее связано с глаголом кова́ть, от праслав. , от кот. в числе прочего произошли: ст.-слав. ковати, кѹѭ (др.-греч. τεκταίνειν), русск. ковать, кую, укр. кува́ти, кую́, болг. кови́ «кую», сербохорв. ко̀вати, ку̏jе̑м, словенск. kováti, kújem, чешск. kovat, kout, kuji, словацк. kоvаť, польск. kuć, kuję, в.-луж. kować, н.-луж. kowaś. Родственно лит. káuti, káuju, kóviau «бить, ковать», латышск. kaut, kauju, др.-в.-нем. houwan «рубить, наносить удары», лат. сūdō «бью, стучу, толку», ирл. сuаd «бить, бороться». Сюда же кознь, кузне́ц, кова́рный. Использованы данные словаря М. Фасмера; см. Список литературы..

    Grasshoppers, insects belong to the family , called Orthoptera (« Orthoptera "). The family is divided into groups and korotkorogih longicorn (in this case, the term "horns" antennae is growing on the head of these insects .) What matters is their common feature - the hind legs prygatelnogo type. In Orthoptera squad includes about 20 thousand species of insects , including our single crickets, trubachik , mole cricket and locusts . skyfit.ru
    All of them tend to develop with incomplete metamorphosis . Most Orthoptera elongated body color compound eyes are oval , elongated antennae and powerful biting jaws . Under tough leathery forewings ( elytra ) has a pair of fine mesh wings , fan drop in flight. Hind legs with thick thighs and long shins adapted for movement jumps. Orthoptera have the ability to emit and perceive loud sounds that play an important role in their communication.
    Example longhorned orthopterans , colloquially known as a cricket field (scientific name - grasshopper uglokryly ) .
    The head of both subspecies is large, with two faceted eyes on the sides. In most species have powerful jaws , they bite off pieces of food . Both species of grasshoppers on his head has two antennae .
    In true grasshoppers these antennas is shorter and thicker than in the field crickets , so is what they call korotkorogimi . The antennae are very sensitive, they are used as organs of touch and can in some sense to play the role of radio .
    Do grasshoppers three pairs of legs. Front two pairs are used for the movement of the "step" , while the rear is equipped with a pair of strong muscles , perfectly adapted for jumping . Sometimes the rear pair of legs is different from the front even in color.
    wings , used for a flight but only one of them. Another couple just protects the body grasshopper during rest or jump.
    Besides the fact that the outer pair of wings acts as a protective cover for the " flight " of the wings , it is equipped with devices by which the grasshopper publishes its chirping . Ironically , in some species of grasshoppers in general do not have wings or wings are extremely underdeveloped .
    Grasshoppers differ and sizes. For example, prairie Dybok reaches a length of 8 cm, and the body of a small hothouse grasshopper - only 1.5 cm length of the long-nosed body of the European grasshopper is 6.35 cm But the grasshopper from South America's largest it more than twice - his length 15 cm
    Grasshopper gropes its way very long antennae - one has only to touch them other insect as a hunter quick swoop of his missing and , holding the front legs and begins to eat . In addition to the long shrill evening " recruiting " of songs and a short trill - warning is still in a quiet creaking crickets song , addressed to only one , or rather , one single . Of course this is a romantic serenade for the chosen one ! The male does not just sing a song to the female , but also hops - pops up on their long legs and swaying from side to side. What a heart here will not tremble ? The female also does not know how to sing .
    The inhabitants of large cities rarely see them , but anyone who lives in the countryside or in the suburbs , I saw grasshoppers and, of course , heard them . Having settled at home singing grasshopper, you will be able to enjoy a daily melodic sound of his songs . However, he will be satisfied with the most modest fee : a few crickets or grasshoppers per day .
    Keep the Grasshopper at any bank, only to be concerned about ventilation and periodically offer their singer leaves of trees and raspberry - it is necessary sometimes from meats to rest !
    There are thousands of different species of grasshoppers , including green , field , meadow and mottled . Most often seen grasshopper is very difficult because the body color gives it a good disguise.
    Even entomologist can not always be determined by a color , what species belongs to a grasshopper . This is because that differ from each other coloring can grasshoppers even one species - color may be different shades of the same color or colors of their stripes and spots are . All of them are adapted to environmental conditions in a given environment. For example, those grasshoppers that live in the desert or

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