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    Boletus , or as it is called red mushroom , krasnogolovka , krasnogolovik , osinovik red, obabok , Krasiuk , kazarushka that looks much like the boletus . The difference is the bright red hat . Therefore, such names . Boletus mushroom one the most common and can be found in almost all forested areas of the country. It is found , of course , most often in aspen stands , but it can also be found in deciduous and coniferous forests, as well as under the birches and on edges . Aspen collection can begin in mid-June . In climates where the cold come late, you can find aspen until the middle of October. Boletus can recognize not only in color , but also the size of the cap. So , there are specimens with head diameter of up to thirty centimeters. However, this figure is an average of 15 to 20 centimeters. Form hats at maturity cushion at the time of maturity - hemispherical . Just like so many mushrooms growing in different climatic conditions , cap boletus changes color . For example, in mixed forests , the yellow hat will be either red or bright orange . But in pure aspen , aspen will be bright red. But at Sevres and can be found in the forest yellowish- brown boletus , but still pretty impressive size . So there are instances of two kilograms of weight. These aspen are cylindrical dirty whitish twenty foot long and three inches thick . Maturity is a fungus on the tenth day, after which it begins to age rapidly . Flesh boletus looks no different from the pulp of boletus . But if it dislocate or cut , it quickly starts to change color. From the initial white , it first turns pink , then the color is dark blue , and finally completely black. This is due to fact that the pigments of which the pulp is Boletus , enzymes are exposed to the air , which acts as a natural oxidant.

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