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    The abstract of clause of Dobroljubov N.A. « the Ray of light in a dark empire »

    Последнее обновление:
    04.Декабря.2009, 15:23

    1. A.N.Ostrovskogo's merit
    2. Distinctive properties of character Катерины
    3. An estimation of " a dark empire ”
    4. Conclusions to which the critic comes

    Ostrovsky possesses deep understanding of Russian life and great уменьем to represent sharply and vividly its most essential parties. 

    Closely thinking set of its products, we find, that чутье true needs and aspirations of Russian life never left it; it sometimes also did not show at first sight, but always was radically its products. 

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     At Ostrovsky not that: at it you find not only moral, but also the everyday economic party of a question, and in it and the essence has put. At it you clearly see, how the petty tyrany leans on a thick purse which name « божиим blessing » and as meekness of people before it is defined материальною from it by dependence. Besides, you see, how this material party dominates over all everyday attitudes above отвлеченною and as the people, deprived material maintenance, appreciate the abstract rights a little and even lose clear consciousness about them. Really — the full person can coolly argue and cleverly, whether follows it there is such food; but hungry it is torn to food where neither it will catch sight its and what nor was. This phenomenon repeating in all spheres of a public life, is well noticed and understood by Ostrovsky, and its plays are clearer than any reasonings show, how system of lawlessness and the rough, petty egoism, installed by petty tyrany, takes root and to that which suffer from it; as they, if in the slightest degree keep in themselves the rests of energy, try to use it on purchase of an opportunity to live independently and any more do not assort thus neither means, nor the rights. 

    At Ostrovsky in the foreground the general is always, not dependent on anybody from characters, conditions of a life. It does not punish neither the villain, nor a victim; both of them are pity to you, is frequent both are ridiculous, but not on them the feeling raised in you пьесою directly addresses. You see, that their position dominates over them, and you blame them only that they do not show enough energy to leave this position. Petty tyrants against whom your feeling naturally should be indignant, after close examination appear regrets, rather than your rage are more worthy: they also are virtuous and even are clever in own way, within the limits of, ordered by it рутиною supported by their position; but position it is those, that in it full, healthy human development is impossible. 

    Thus, struggle, is made in Ostrovsky's plays not in monologue of characters, and in the facts dominating over them. Extraneous persons have a reason of the occurrence and appear even are necessary for completeness of the play. Not active participants of a vital drama who were apparently was engaged in only the business everyone, — have often one existence such influence on a course has put, that it anything and to reflect it is impossible. How many hot ideas, how many extensive plans, how many enthusiastic impulses falls at one sight at indifferent, prosaic crowd, with contemptious indifference passing by us! How many pure and kind feelings fade in us from fear to not be mocked and scolded this crowd. And on the other hand, and how many crimes, how many impulses of an arbitrariness and violence stop пред the decision of this crowd, always as though indifferent and pliable, but, in effect, rather uncompromising that time is recognized by her. Therefore it is extremely important for us the nobility, what concepts of this crowd about goods and a harm, that at it it is considered for true and that for lie. It defines our sight at position in what there are main persons of the play and consequently, and a degree of our participation to them. 

    Катерина up to the end all is found the nature, instead of the set decisions because for decisions it should have the logic, firm bases, and meanwhile the beginnings which are given to it for theoretical reasonings, are resolutely opposite to its natural inclinations. Because it not only does not accept heroic poses and does not say the sayings proving backbone, and even opposite — is in the form of the weak woman, not able to oppose to the inclinations, and tries to justify that heroism what is shown in its acts. Of anybody it does not complain, nobody blames, and even on an idea to it does not come anything similar. There is in it either rage, or contempt, nothing than so ordinarily disappointed heroes autocratically leaving light flaunt. The idea on bitterness of a life what should be suffered, up to that torments Катерину, that plunges it in any полугорячечное a condition. At the last minute in its imagination all house horrors especially vividly flash. It screams: « And will catch me yes turn back home violently!.. More soon, more soon... » And business is terminated: it will not be more жертвою the callous mother-in-law, will not be more томиться locked up with the husband spineless and opposite to it. It is released!.. 

    Sadly, bitterly such clearing; but what to do, when other output is not present. It is good, that there was in the poor woman a determination though on this terrible output. In that and force of its character, because "Thunder-storm" also makes upon us impression freshening. 
    Dobrolyubov has put Ostrovsky very highly, finding, that it very full and was multilaterally able to represent the essential parties and requirements of Russian life. One authors took the private phenomena, time, external requirements of a society and represented them with greater or smaller success. Other authors took more internal party of a life, but were limited to very close circle and noticed such phenomena which far had no public value. Ostrovsky's business is much more fruitful: it has grasped such general aspirations and needs by which all Russian society which the voice is heard in all phenomena of our life which the satisfaction makes a necessary condition of our further development is got.

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    + основной материал: The abstract of clause of Dobroljubov N.A. « the Ray of light in a dark empire »

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