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    ABSINTHE (French absinthe) - a strong alcoholic drink made with wormwood , which has a greenish color and hardness up to (70 - 75 ) °. Absinthe is also sometimes called absinthe .

    Modern methods of making absinthe is insisting on a strong solution of alcohol wormwood with the addition of some other herbs ( fennel , lemon balm , hyssop , anise , juniper , etc.) and then distilling the resulting alcohol solution together with volatile components derived from herbs .

    Modern absinthe was preceded different drinks using an extract of wormwood , which were prepared in ancient times. For example , Pliny the Elder ( 23 - 79 years. AD) mentioned about wine with an extract of wormwood for astringency . In ancient Greece, the winner of the race chariots drinking from the cup of wine , infused with wormwood extract and absorb it . This wine is to remind the winner of that fame is not only enjoyable , but also gopkuyu , fierce party. The ancient Greeks used wormwood tincture and medicinal purposes , and in medieval England was spread hot beer with wormwood , and was called "purl".

    Modern absinthe recipe appeared in the late XVIII century , and the history of its occurrence in general terms as follows . Certain Madame Enrio in Switzerland has manufactured medicinal tincture of wormwood , and which made ​​use of . This tincture interested French doctor named Pierre Ordiner (Pierre Ordinaire), lived in a small village in western Switzerland .

    HERBS Pierre Ordiner beginning to experiment with wild sage , studying its properties. Presumably , in 1792, he developed the recipe tinctures for patients , which included the following herbs: wormwood (Artemisia absinthium), anise (Pimpinella anisum), hyssop (Hussopus officinalis), lemon balm (Melissa officinalis), fraxinella (Dictamnus albus), sweet flag (Acorus calamus), fennel (Foeniculum vulgare), coriander (Coriandrum sativum), speedwell (Veronica officinalis), chamomile (Matricaria recutita) and even parsley (Petroselinum sativum). The recipe became popular.

    After the death of Madame Enrio her daughter (in another version of this recipe came to the sisters after the death of Pierre Ordiner ) sold the recipe to Major Dyube (Dubied), which, together with Henri -Louis Pernod (Henri-Louis Pernod) organized the first industrial production of absinthe in Pontarlier (Pontarlier) ( France) . Then in France and Switzerland, there have been several companies engaged in the production and sale of absinthe and competing with each other. In general, in the XIX century, the production and sale of absinthe were an industry .

    Absinthe became especially popular drink in France in the second half of the XIX century. There were even special cafes and clubs for fans of absinthe. From 1875 to 1913 in France, absinthe consumption per capita has increased by 15 times , for example, in 1913 the French drank about 40 million liters of absinthe. In 1837, absinthe appears in America in New Orleans under the brand names of " Green Opal " ("Green Opal") and the "Milky Way " ("Milky Way").

    RITE OF CONSUMPTION Although absinthe can be used by anyone , including in cocktails , but still set a few special ritual of its use . On glass or glass with absinthe placed a silver tea strainer (the so -called absinthe spoon ) in a strainer put a lump of sugar ( it was believed that light sweetness softens the taste of absinthe ) and poured cold water on top . When diluted with clear green absinthe opalestsiruyushy turned into a yellowish solution . This ritual has attracted no less than the extraordinary taste of the drink and its stimulating effect .

    In our time more often used a slightly different version : a teaspoon put a little sugar , then pour the absinthe spoon , and then set fire to the absinthe spoon and wait for the melting sugar. The resulting caramel quickly poured into a glass with absinthe and stir .

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