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    Тарифы рендерфермы

    All that grandeur that we see daily on our television screens and monitors, personal computers , whether it is the special effects in action movies , landscapes unearthly beauty in modern 3D animation films and computer games or creative , although sometimes annoying ads , created using technology that has been called rendering.

    So, what is it? Rendering is the process of creating a two-dimensional image of a complex computer 3D- models . In other words, it's getting photorealistic images by calculating the lighting parameters (including the creation of reflections and refractions of light , shadows, glare overlay objects ) objects , which gives them a realistic view of which , without the use of computer programs would have to spend disproportionately more time .

    Just say that the rendering process - not an easy task , even for modern supercomputers. For example, for the film "Avatar " in the rendering of special effects took more than 40 million hours of powerful computers . To make it clearer , let's say that one powerful PC worked on this task would be about 4500 years old . It should be noted that the rendering process perfected over time . Currently, to accelerate computational processes used render farm ( in the English-language original transcription - renderfarm).

    Render farm is an array of high-powered servers that are specially designed to render. They allow you to speed up the mistakes of more than three orders of magnitude , that is several thousand times . Large design companies engaged in the development of design or production of visuals , today, can not do without the use of their own farms, which make it possible to quickly perform the rendering of the exterior and interior of any scene .

    You may ask, what can we do to freelancers or amateurs who are not able to buy hundreds of specialized computers ? For the organization of their own render farm to rent appropriate premises , purchase a large number of active and passive servers and network equipment to provide adequate cooling and safety equipment to keep it in working order. It is clear that this is not to single her shoulders . However, not all bad - one way of solving this problem is to hire a render farm online. Due to the rapid development of relevant industry today, the cost of such services is relatively low , and the resulting power render farm allows not only individual files, and even quite a long video clips !

    Thus, the render farm - almost ideal , especially for small studios and those who need a short period of time to ensure the creation of 3D video or images in large numbers.

    There are two basic modes of operation render farms : offline and online. Online render farm is open 24 hours a day, and thus a possibility regardless of the farm operator to load the program and track individual scenes rendering process . We can say that most, if not all, of the processes in the online render farm is well automated. However, to accurately predict the time of the end of the rendering process on a farm is not possible. The particular scene may be in the queue for hours or even days , since before it can be a heavy project, although for the scene ten minutes would be enough.

    Offline render farm (in that mode now works most of the domestic render farms ) is characterized by the fact that the rendering process is started manually by the operator or manager of the farm. The advantage of this method - you always have the opportunity to find out what stage the processing of your project and how much time is left before it is complete . Even if the farm is fairly loaded, you have a chance to get priority in the formulation of the problem in the rendering. That is, the project can be started immediately after sending the stage manager . This is one of the very important factors , especially if your order is to be delivered at a specific time, and the time to completion is left a little bit. In addition, often the cost of services such farm is cheaper than online farms.

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